specialist care

The care support is wonderful

I had lived in a residential care home for several years before I came back to live in Hartlepool. At first, I was very nervous about moving into my own place but when I came to visit the bungalow, I also met the specialist care staff from Elan who were very friendly and helped me to feel at ease. Once I had decided to move to my bungalow, I came to visit regularly with Elan staff to get used to it and started to gradually put things in my room and get to know the place.

Staff from Elan also came and spent time with me where I lived before, to get to know me and so I could get to know them which has helped tremendously with my confidence. I  have lived here now for 7 months. Staff have supported me to be more independent, I am now cooking my own meals, doing my own shopping and trying to eat more healthily. I have joined a walking for health group and go to the bingo twice a week. I have made friends here with some of the other tenants and visit for coffee. One of my friends comes to visit me and we cook together.

The staff support has been great. Some days I have off days, but the amazing staff have supported me through these and have helped me to try and think positive.


Review By Angela Claire Thornton